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The contents of the draft Government bill are determined on the basis of the feedback obtained during consultation.

The relevant ministry will be immediately informed about the Council’s decision to take a certain government proposal for consideration and it is requested to provide the Council with an as finalised version as possible of the proposal in question. The government proposal, statements received during the consultation round, and a summary of the statements will be sent to the Government Registry at the Prime Minister’s Office. The Council will issue its statement after it has been adopted and signed.

The necessary revisions are made to the draft, which is then translated into Swedish (Finland’s second official language), as statutes in both languages are considered original.

The Finnish and Swedish versions of the draft bill are submitted to the Unit of Legislative Inspection at the Ministry of Justice for checking that the proposals have been drafted in observance of the legislative drafting guidelines and that the two language versions are consistent. In the inspection, it is checked that the technical structure of the proposal is correct, the content of the proposal is consistent, and the proposal is in accordance with the general legal principles and other provisions on the same or similar matters. Special attention is also paid to the linguistic accuracy, comprehensibility, preciseness and consistency of the proposal. The observations made during inspection then form the basis for further revision of the texts.

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